• All paddlers must be CSA registered
  • All paddlers must attend the race briefing (times TBC)
  • All paddler to display sponsors logo on boats (2 sticker on front of the boat)
  • All paddlers must have full safety kit:
    • PFD
    • cellphone with airtime
    • leash
    • bright colour on boat (30% of front and back deck) – stickers will be available
    • bright clothing
  • All paddlers must check into the beach pound before the start of the race
  • All paddlers must have CSA number on their boat
  • All paddlers must be competent in downwind conditions (prof test, race experience and be signed of by their club safety officer for downwind paddling)

The event, it’s organisers and officials reserve the right to not let/withdraw anyone race for any reason. This will be done for safety reasons and to ensure the safety of all paddlers kept a top priority.

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