Newsletter – 13 June 2014

13 June 2014


With just over a week to go until the racing kicks off at the 2014 FNB Mazars Durban Downwind, the race office has been a hive of activity as we prepare to host paddlers from around the country for SA Surfski Champs.

In our last newsletter you would have seen the poster and the entry details but for this newsletter we will go through some of the finer details.

Race Entry

The most important thing at the moment is your entry. Normal early entry is R200 for the singles and R 100 for the doubles. Follow the link here to enter. Early entries close on Monday the 16th June at Midnight and thereafter the price goes up by R 100.

The whole vibe of this event is to race in the best conditions on the day so we need you to enter so we can let you know when and where the start will be. So get on it already! We will be having some giveaways to people entering on time as well as a gift, more about that below.


There will be a registration evening at Marine SLC from 5-8pm on Friday 20th June. This is where we will be giving out race packs and will have the final race day info for you.


Thanks to our very cool sponsors FNB and Mazars all those who enter by the 16th June will be getting a T-Shirt. If we have over, they will be given out to late entries at registration on a first come first serve basis.

If that wasn’t incentive enough we are running some lucky draw prizes for people who have entered on time.

SouthWesterlyLabelledRace Courses

We have recently gone to check out each course for the prevailing wind and think we have some winners.

In a south-west we will be racing from Marine SLC to La Mercy which is 26km. The beach is open and one of the easiest landings on the north coast. Check out a short video from our course recci here.

In a north-east we will be racing from Marine to Toti. There will be a 1km warm up to a start line close to the North harbor break water cutting out some of the cross wind at the start. There is a 300m head wind section to get around the south harbor breakwater, a right hand turn round the bluff with a total of 27.5km. Check out a short clip from our course recci here.

NorthEasterlyLabelledSupport for this year’s event has been amazing from the event sponsors. It is with their support that we are able to keep the cost of the event down and give true value to the paddlers. I have already chatted about the event shirt and we will also be giving out R 50 000 in prize money over the weekend. You can check out the prize template here: link


New to the sport FNB are sponsoring their first surfski race and are getting behind the paddlers with some great offers. The FNB Commercial Investment Team provides a range of investment solutions to help commercial businesses make the best use of their surplus funds; each investment is tailored to meet your needs. For a tailor made solution contact our Commercial Investment Specialist: Elaine Harris, 0716759730, or check out their website at


Back for their second year after sponsoring the SA Surfski Champs last year in East London are big supporters of Surfski paddling in South Africa – Mazars. They are also a sponsor of the PE-EL Challenge. For more info on Mazars and their country wide offices check out


We have a new sponsor join us in Robsons Real Beer. The man of the hour Donn Stewart will have four different beers on tap at Marine SLC at R 20 for a 500ml for from registration till late into the evening on Sunday after prize giving. The paddlers are going to be properly carbo loaded with Robsons at the event. Robsons will be providing some cool prizes for the early entry prizes so watch out those as well. For more info on Robsons check out


The legend Billy Harker from Thule has also come on board as a sponsor of the event and will have a display going. Thule are a consistent sponsor of surfski paddling in Durban and really do rock some amazing products. They will be giving away some early entry prizes and lucky draws at this year’s event. Check out or contact Billy on Unhlanga 0315846094 or Durban 0312631389.

To get you name in the hat for the early entry prizes simply enter the event. We will be doing a draw for 2 prizes from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week thanks to Robsons and Thule with 1 prize from each.

For all the event’s info or else head on over to the race’s brand new website, Check out our Facebook page or give us a follow on Twitter.

Barry Lewin
Race Organiser

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